Match the dealer is a side bet that is offered alongside some online blackjack variants. Online blackjack has been in existence for quite some years. The game has evolves from a simple card based game to more interesting game that features different types of bet. The gameplay is quite simple, you just need to build a hand in a round in such a way that the hand will remain below 22 but able to beat the dealer which means higher than the dealer hand. Online blackjack can be played right from your phone and you will get almost the same experience as when you would play at land based casinos. There are different bets offered in online blackjack and these bets is divided into two main and side bet. To learn more about other side bets, you can check out New-zealand-onlinecasino

How does match the dealer work?

It is important to note that match the dealer cannot be played alone. You will need to support the bet with the main bet. The side bets are more like helpers. When you play at a casino table that offer side bets, all you need to do is to select the exact side bet and place your bet. Since there are different side that will be offered. Match the dealer has a very simple rule. The idea is to have the cards that are shared to you at the beginning of the round match the cards that the dealer has. When this happens you will be paid according to the type of match that you have been able to get. Match the dealer does not require yiu to gave any skill before you can play Below are some of the other side bets that you might be offered.

  • Perfect pairs
  • Insurance.

The pay table of match the dealer differs greatly among several variants of blackjack that is available. The type of variant you play, determines how well you get paid for matches that occurs in each round. The matches in match the dealer are divided into two parts, these parts include suited and non suited match. The suited match is a match between cards of the same suit. They might not actually be the same rank. However. The non suited match is a match between cards of the same rank but not of the same suit. Now that we have gotten acquainted with the different outcomes that's is likely to occur when you bet on match the dealer. When you have one match that is not of the same suit, you will be paid four time the bet you place on round.

When you have two matches that is also not of the same suit like the first instance, you will be given 8 times your bet amount for the round. For this bet type, the matches that are of the same suit pay more. When you have a match that is also of the same suit, you will be paid 11 to 1 which is significantly higher than the two non-suited matches. When there are two matches but one is of the same suit and the other is not of the same suit, you will get 15 times your bet amount. Finally, when you get a double match that is of the same suit, then you will get 22 times your bet. However, this is the match with the lowest probability of getting when you bet on the side bet.

The good thing about match the dealer is that you can play the game alongside betting strategies. If you have an idea on how to play with betting strategies you can use it with the game. One of the betting strategies that you can try out is the martingale betting strategy. This strategy required you to double your bet when you lose a round. If you lose the next round, you are to double your bet. However, when you win in a round, you are to revert back t the initial bet and repeat. By doing this, you will be able to recover all your loses and be able to continue. However, this will only work well if you choose a table that has the lowest minimum bet and the highest maximum bet. Other betting strategies include Fibonacci betting strategy.