Some decades ago, players that want to gamble on games have to go through the stress of visiting land-based casinos before they can do so. But the introduction of the internet, as well as several technological advancements, have now changed the gambling scene. You can be anywhere in the world, whether on a moving train or in your homes and enjoy all kinds of casino games. One such game that you can play online is pokie. This article will provide you will all the information about online pokies. You can visit for detailed reviews of different kinds of pokies.


Understanding the Structure of Online Pokies

Online pokies also referred to as slots are casino games that are found in the lobby of most casino sites. There are several kinds of online pokies such as progressive jackpot pokies, classic pokies, branded pokies, 3D pokies and several others. The structure of a pokie game usually follows the same pattern regardless of their types. On the main screen of the game, there is a playing area otherwise called grid which players will see first. This grid has sections usually in a row and column design. The number of sections can vary from one pokie type to the other.

  1. Online pokies have themes of their own
  2. Most pokies come with customizable features such as volume controls and spinning speed adjustments.

On the grid of a pokie, you will see several kinds of icons. Some pokies have cascading effects, so when a win is made the icons explode so as to create space for new ones. Embedded in the reels, there are also paylines which determines the lines where players are required to land certain combinations before they can win money. The number of paylines of each game also differ from one to the other. Besides that, some paylines are fixed and others are adjustable. The configuration of the paylines is mostly available in the information section of a pokie for players to see.

Features of Online Pokies

There are several features that come with online pokies. First, to place a bet, players have to specify their preferred amount in the bet section of the game. Some pokies come with bet levels as well as coin values which players need to set to arrive at the amount they want to bet. To make betting easy, most game developers also add a Max Bet option which is clickable on the main screen of the game. This option lets you place the maximum bet amount at once. Note that every pokie game has a limit to the amount you can bet. Below are some top pokie casinos:

  • Casumo Casino
  • Frank and Fred Casino
  • Dunder Casino
  • Playamo Casino

Game developers that design pokies also add several impressive bonus features in them. These bonus features can be triggered at any time while playing the game. However, there are some requirements that you lead to the bonuses being triggered. For example, you may need to land 3 or more scatter symbols or wild symbols on the game grid before you can trigger some features. Some of the common bonus features that are available on most slots include multipliers, sticky wild, re-spins and free spins. You open the information section of a pokie to access the paytable and bonus information.